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Skincare: the definitive guide to radiant and captivating skin

Let’s start with a question: how important is skincare in your life? Even if you don’t know it, knowing how to take care of your skin and doing everything possible to keep it healthy is one of the practices that you should start to take into account to avoid long-term complications and to have a porcelain appearance.

Although skincare was initially a topic with a greater presence in the female public, more and more people decide to learn how to care for their faces in order to have impeccable skin and prepare it for all adversities. Therefore, it is the perfect time to remove the blindfold and accept that skincare is an issue that concerns us all since it is about our coat and our natural appearance as human beings.

But, what are the most important skincare? What can we do to maintain healthy skin? Do not worry! We have written this guide to tell you the secrets about skincare that your dermatologist has not told you until now. We know that, by the end of the reading, you will have learned the best tips to protect your skin that you can start applying today to have a healthy habit and keep your skin flawless.

What Are The Functions Of The Skin?

Skincare tips

Direct your gaze towards your arms. Ready? That skin you see right now, in addition to covering all the components of your body, is responsible for your body’s body temperature. Your skin is designed to protect you from external factors in order to maintain a healthy appearance.

Therefore, it is vital that before addressing the different tips for skincare, you first know what the functions of our protective layer are so that you can measure its importance and start worrying about it.


We already mentioned it briefly in the previous paragraph, but one of the most important functions of the skin that you should know first-hand is to protect us from external agents that can affect our body.

Factors such as dust, bacteria, residues, chemical or toxic aggressions, or pathogenic microorganisms are some of the many reasons why you should start applying skincare techniques to keep it healthy and preserved. Likewise, the skin helps protect us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which are highly harmful to health.

However, we will expand on this point later so that you have a better understanding of skincare in relation to sunlight, so stick with it!


How is the weather in your city right now? Is it a cold day or rather warm? Regardless of your answer, if you feel cold, hot, or feel that your body temperature is at its best, it is thanks to one of the most important functions of the human skin: regulating temperature.

The skin is responsible for conserving heat in cold temperatures and for making you perspire when your body heats up. Look at it from this perspective: the functioning of your skin is similar to that of a chameleon , but unlike being able to adapt to physical conditions and change its appearance, it can regulate its temperature to adapt to the human being based on climatic circumstances.


Your skin is able to balance different fluids to keep your body hydrated. This point is closely related to hydro electrolytic balance, a process that has the function of balancing the amount of water, the level of acid, transporting nutrients to the cells, and eliminating waste from them so that your body is in good condition.

And how to make your hydro-electrolyte balance in optimal conditions? Clearly, apply the tips on skincare that you will find in this guide a little later.


The skin is perhaps one of the most obvious means of communication that we have in our bodies. It is only a matter of a mosquito biting us so that we know the exact place of what happened. Or it is also a matter of exposing ourselves 20 minutes under the sun to end up like Mr. Krabs.

So one of the most important functions of the skin is to alert us to some physical circumstance, whether they are blemishes, irritations, rashes, or redness, but also situations on our face such as pimples, pimples, or blackheads.

Therefore, when this type of unexpected event occurs, it is best to remain calm and inform yourself very well about the best skincare techniques so that you avoid hurting it and can make the right decision.

What Are The Best Tips For Skincare?

However. It is time to get down to business and address the central point of this guide. Here is a list of tips on skincare that you can start applying right now to keep healthy.

Take care of the sun

This is a very important first point because whenever you are outdoors, you will be subject to exposure to sunlight. Although the sun is a rich source of vitamins and minerals for the skin, prolonged exposure without protection can cause burns, spots, or other serious injuries.

Therefore, when you have to walk out of the house, keep in mind the following points:

  • Apply sunscreen
  • Avoid exposing yourself in hours with greater intensity of sunlight (11 am – 4 pm)
  • Wear protective clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, or a hat that covers your face

Do not see the sun as an enemy, but as a factor that you must pay attention to. Remember that it is possible to enjoy outdoor activities and protect yourself from the sun simultaneously.

Avoid tobacco

All smokers know how harmful cigarettes are and, even if they are aware of it, they continue to consume it. If you smoke any type of tobacco, with this statement we do not want you to feel judged, but we do want you to realize that cigarettes are one of the factors that most affect your skin and, of course, your body.

And we don’t say it, but the Pan American Health Organization, who in its article ” More than 100 reasons to quit smoking “, mentions the following about the relationship between tobacco and skincare:

  • Tobacco causes wrinkles on the skin, making it look older. In addition, it generates premature aging of the skin due to the wear of the proteins that provide elasticity, the depletion of vitamin A and the reduction of blood flow.
  • Wrinkles are more visible around the lips and eyes when smoking. In addition, tobacco leaves the skin dry and leathery.
  • Smoking increases the risk of psoriasis, an inflammatory disease that manifests itself in the form of red, itchy, exudative patches that affect the entire body.

Drink water constantly

How many glasses of water do you currently drink during the day? If your answer was more than 4, great! You are contributing to skincare. But if you drink 1 or 2 glasses of water daily, it is important that you start acquiring this habit to contribute to healthy and strong skin.

Water is one of the most important components of our body, therefore, its contribution is vital to guarantee the proper functioning of our body. In turn, one of the many benefits of water for the skin is that it provides enough hydration to keep it clean and prevent it from becoming dry.

To do this, you can keep a thermos with water near your work or study area so that you remember to consume it more frequently.

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