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Ten hair tips for good hair care

At this point, few things will escape you to take care of your hair and show a radiant and soft mane. Even so, surely some of them escape you, so take note, we reveal secrets for your hair care and stand up to external aggressions. Do you want to say goodbye to dry and weakened hair? Change the look of your hair!

The best secrets for your mane

best hair care tips

You can also show off silky hair as Hollywood celebrities or actresses do without spending real fortunes on hairdressing! We reveal the best tricks so that this fall your hair is the most spectacular of all. Pay attention!

Brush Every Day

Do you want your hair to grow fast? This trick is very easy: to have healthy and beautiful hair, comb it at least 3 times a day, one of them before going to sleep. This stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and contributes to healthy growth

Natural Products The Best For Hair

A good tip for hair care is to avoid chemical dyes and bleaches as the substances contained in these commercial products can cause skin irritation in some people, even causing dermatitis. You can opt for herbal alternatives, make washes with chamomile, rosemary, salvia, calendula.

The Water’s Temperature

Coldwater stimulates blood circulation and closes the cuticle, which translates into shinier hair, the temperature of the water with which you do all the washing is also important.

Start At The Tips

Also extremely important is how you untangle your dry hair when you get it up. “The idea is to brush completely dry and gently, starting at the tips, continuing through the middle, and ending at the root”

Cut Hair Often

Causes it to grow faster. In order for the hair to grow faster, it is necessary to review the ends at least every two months.

Shampoo, Conditioner, And Mask

Apply shampoo and conditioner daily to hydrate, cleanse and detangle your hair, and once a week apply a mask that hydrates and strengthens your hair. To enhance the regenerating effect of the mask, let it act and wrap your hair with a hot towel so that the product penetrates more deeply. Then rinse and comb your hair delicately strand by strand. Extreme hydration and a luminous glow!

Repair Tips

Apply Elvive Extraordinary Oil to obtain silky hair and instantly repaired ends, but beware! Do not apply the product to the root, as you will get your hair greasy. Do it only from the middle of your hair to the ends. Does not need rinsing. Get rid of split ends.

Beauty, Shine, And Elasticity

If you are going to pick up your hair, always try to apply products that contain keratin as a final touch since it will add beauty and shine to your hair and also provide elasticity. Bring large doses of glamor to your updos!

Avoid Frizz

To avoid frizz in your hair, especially in the summer seasons and places where there is a lot of humidity, apply an anti-frizz serum when you get out of the shower and with damp hair. You will be able to protect your hair from humidity and give it an ultraglossy touch.

Give Volume To Your Hair

To obtain a hair with movement, apply a special volume shampoo and then dry your hair with your head upside down and apply the special volume Elnett Fixing Spray. Discover how to give more volume to your hair and show off your long hair!

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