Avoid these wedding dress styles for short brides

The wedding day is a unique, unrepeatable day, full of joy and hope. A day that, thanks also to souvenir photos, will remain indelible in our hearts for a lifetime. On this day, the bride must appear in all her beauty, one more reason not to make a mistake in the dress about her body! In this regard, the girls who are not very tall know something, for whom the choice of the ideal wedding dress is even more complicated as if it is not already in itself. Below we will go on to avoid the wedding dress styles for short brides.

Avoid the wedding dress styles for short brides

First of all, you must avoid dresses that have wide and fluffy skirts. In fact, with such a dress, your figure will be weighed down with the risk of being “submerged” by a too voluminous tulle or even by too flashy accessories. On the contrary, mermaid dresses are ideal for the short woman, which on closer inspection are the exact opposite. Try one and you will immediately notice the momentum effect of the figure!

Dresses with a long veil

Another thing to avoid is a wedding dress that features a long veil. A long veil, in the case of a bride of short stature, only accentuates this detail. You will see that your figure will be more slender with a short veil, or alternatively, opt for a veil. There are various models that best suit the various styles and very beautiful both of the short veil and of the veils that will not make you regret the long veil.

Empire style dresses

In this case, it is not an absolute no: empire-style dresses can also be worn by those who are not tall, on one condition: the skirt must not be too wide. The principle is the same as the first type of dress on this list, i.e., a too wide skirt does not slim the figure. So, if you opt for this type of dress, pay close attention to the skirt, which must be less voluminous as possible.

Princess style dresses

The same speech made previously applies, although in this case, the choice must be even more careful and scrupulous as you have well understood, in this case, everything depends once again on the width of the skirt, which must not be excessive but even better rather contained. Here the attention must be even greater because it is even easier to make mistakes. A high heel can save you, albeit in part, in the correct choice.

Three-quarter dresses

The last option not to be considered the three-quarter lengths, both regarding the sleeves and the skirt. Instead of going to slim the figure, you will get the opposite effect! The figure will appear heavier if not even squatter.

Observe the Body shape

We are almost sure that you already have a more or less clear idea of ​​how you want your wedding dress, but have you ever thought about what type of cut is that best suits your body type? There are many silhouettes that a woman can have and, precisely for that reason. You must know the shape of your silhouette so that you can feel comfortable throughout the wedding. Many girls go with a clear idea to the wedding dress test, but if you still do not have this point very clear, then … it is time for you to take note!

Rectangle body:

Characterized by not having curves, so you should avoid at all costs designs that are very fluid and with short sleeves; instead, try fitted wedding dresses so that you can mark your waist and balance your figure. In the section of the necklines, always choose those with a V shape or with bare shoulders and, please, stay away from square necklines and in a rounded shape.

Triangle body:  Since your waist and hips are wider, you should pay more attention to your upper body. For that, nothing better than an A-line wedding dress that is not so tight, although you can also opt for a princess-cut wedding dress. In the case of details and embroidery, they should be in the bust part so that everything marks a spectacular balance.

Round body:  if you have a lot of curves, then it is best to bet on a wedding dress with a well-fitting skirt. In the same way, V necklines will be very flattering. Forget about the details and stay in the line of the minimalist.

Hourglass body:  this type of figure is ideal, so it will be easier for you to choose the wedding dress, although the ones that will suit you best will be the mermaid cut designs. If you decide on a neckline, then let it be for the boat. If you have a lot of busts, better leave the extra details aside; if you don’t have both, then get them!

Inverted triangle body:

Here, the challenge will be to give volume to the hips while subtracting it from the shoulders. For this, nothing better than wedding dresses with a voluminous skirt. You will look perfect!

According to the chest: if you want to hide the size of the bust, bet on a V-neckline that is not pronounced. You want to enhance this part of the body. Then we recommend choosing a design with drapes on the chest, as well as necklines at the back. You will succeed!

According to the height:

If you are short, better forget about wedding dresses with a lot of volume in the skirt, since you will only make your size look smaller. If you are very tall, then choose a low-waisted wedding dress to make your figure look phenomenal.

If you have curves or are very thin:  if you are a girl with many curves, choose a princess cut wedding dress or with many folds, since these details will refine your silhouette instantly. You will have to do the opposite: opt for a wedding dress with a lot of volume in the sleeves or the skirt. To hide chubby arms, three-quarter sleeves or long sleeves are ideal, or if you want to give the chest volume, then a sweetheart neckline will be ideal.

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