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9 menswear brands for men that you can find on Amazon

Buying fashion in the immensity of Amazon requires, to begin with, being aware of the wide catalog of menswear brands that the platform has and that has not stopped increasing in recent years. In an effort to fulfill its purpose of covering absolutely every aspect of its users’ lives. From the food, we eat to the entertainment we consume, and everything in between.

Having assumed that on Amazon, in addition to white sneakers and sportswear, it is also possible not only to get some of the most popular menswear brands today but also to do so at a discount. Where to start? We propose a list of nine brands that are old acquaintances for your wardrobe.


If there is a firm that has made denim not only its hallmark but also an object of desire throughout the world, it is the American Levi’s. The most popular product on Amazon? Its jeans, more specifically the famous 501 Original Fit, which is available in different types of washing and have a whopping 29,400 opinions. The positive of buying them on the platform? 1. Size will never be a problem because everyone sizes the same (length L and width W) all over the world. 2. You can find quite competitive prices and discounts throughout the year. In addition to jeans, there are also basic cotton t-shirts, shirts, and jackets from Levi’s.

Tommy Hilfiger

Popular menswear brands today

The adolescent and youth brand par excellence during the first decade of the 2000 era aspire to recover the lost throne thanks to its already famous Tommy Jeans and well-known collaborations with such popular faces as Zendaya or the model Gigi Hadid. Although if there is a safe investment, they are their basics and it is precisely in this category that the selection of Tommy Hilfiger available on Amazon is focused: knitted sweaters in countless colors, shirts, T-shirts, the occasional denim garment, and, of course, their mid-range watches.

Hackett London

The same happens with the British Hackett London, which is famous both for its options for special occasions and for those essential garments when it comes to making the most casual, but at the same time, most elegant men’s wardrobe. In its Amazon space, everything from shirts to a selection of knitwear, vests, and coats, as well as short-sleeved t-shirts and polo shirts are available.


The most sporty line of the ultra-elegant Hugo Boss was born with the aim that that elegance is not reduced solely and exclusively to its suits. His casual offer is made up of polo shirts (in different colors), minimal sweatshirts, and a wide selection of pajamas and essential accessories, all of them available on Amazon.


Less known internationally than Levi’s, but with the same essence. If the North American Wrangler still doesn’t ring a bell, the garments that were part of Brad Pitt’s wardrobe in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood surely will; yes, we are referring, for example, to his legendary denim jacket From him. Almost as popular as these garments are the shirts and pants, also the jeans, of the brand that you can find on Amazon.

Pepe Jeans

From Pepe Jeans, another old acquaintance in the field of menswear brands, we could highlight their shirts (preferably checkered), but also their t-shirts (short and long sleeves) and, of course, their sneakers. All of them are part of the selection that the firm has made available to clients of the platform owned by Jeff Bezos.

Helly Hansen

If there is a brand that has experienced rapid growth in recent years, it is the Norwegian Helly Hansen. Specializing in outerwear, her jackets and coats are one of the best investments any man can make. Because they are quality staples that never go out of style.


The one that has probably become the great favorite of the last year also has a small gap on Amazon. We are referring to the Californian company that specialized in outdoor sports clothing, Patagonia; the equivalent of Quicksilver and company, whose sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Fleeces have been essential for those more informal occasions for two seasons.

Carhartt WIP

Finally, one of the most popular casual menswear brands in the world. Belonging to that group that successfully adapted work uniforms to the environment of commercial fashion. The American Carhartt WIP is also part of the selection of men’s menswear brands on the multi-sales platform. Hand in hand with its already famous coats and jackets, cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts, and, of course, hats and accessories.

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