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Men’s fashion guide: how to dress well at the April fair

Dressing poorly at Real is more difficult than doing it well, although it may seem otherwise. Either because it is the first time you are going to the April Fair or because after two years without the Fair you have forgotten how to dress, here you will find a men’s fashion guide to dressing well at the April Fair.

This fashion guide has been prepared together with Dappers, one of the leading tailor shops in Seville. Together with them, we review each of the points of the male suit so that you are up to date with all the news and find your own style. In this case, it is Emilio Delgado, head of Dappers, who offers his point of view on each of the issues that concern men when it comes to dressing to go to the April Fair.

The Sevillian is, in general, very classic in dress, with a marked taste for well-made garments, discreet but lucid and with a touch of distinction. «Our customers like to personalize their garments with some of the many possibilities we offer: either with the size and shape of the lapels or by adding a matching pocket to the jackets or with a lining that gives a touch of color and fantasy to his jacket,” says Delgado.


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Because of the time of year and because of the heat that it is usually in the Real during the long days of the Fair « we bet on cold wool fabrics for suits or linen for jackets . We flee from fabrics that, due to their composition or design, remind us of winter », he adds.


In light tones for midday ––such as medium blues or greys––. Light blue or white shirt and, of course, always with a tie. ” At night you always have to arrive or go in the dark in shades of blue ink or gray in its dark tones.”


The Fair is a social event that requires a dress code and a tie is mandatory. We can never forget that the man, in general, accompanies a woman dressed as flamenco or with her best clothes de Ella, we have to live up to it. «For the Fair, we bet on ties with cheerful colors and with a fun touch (flowers, cashmere,…) always without falling into stridency».

The Handkerchief

This is an almost mandatory detail, although not everyone dares with it. ” It should never be of the same design as the tie and should compensate for that, that is, if we opt for a very daring tie, we must compensate with a more discreet handkerchief and vice versa,” advise Dappers.

Common Mistakes

Are there any common mistakes that men make at the April Fair in Seville? “The impossible combinations and that do not proceed in the Real. In general, not understanding the idiosyncrasies of our Fair and not being sufficiently arranged,” they point out. We see suspenders everywhere, but when and how to wear them? “Suspenders are a complete set that we have been betting on for a long time. More and more our customers use them both for comfort. And for the touch, they can give them by choosing fancy colors or designs. The one who tries them does not use a belt again.

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