Fashion designer tips

What do you need to be a fashion designer?

Are you aware of the latest fashion trends? Then studying fashion design and management could be the career of your dreams!

The glamour. Fame. The art of creative details. Becoming a fashion designer promises all this and more. But is the love of designing clothes enough to fulfill this dream? if you’re thinking study fashion design, next we teach you how to be a fashion designer!

Steps to a successful career in fashion design

Becoming a fashion designer

Develop your skills

Successful fashion designers have a wide range of skills, such as drawing, an eye for color and texture, the ability to visualize concepts in three dimensions, and the mechanical skills necessary for sewing and cutting all types of fabric.


Take sewing classes if you haven’t already learned this skill well. Being able to sew difficult fabrics in challenging situations will put you in a great place throughout your career, but you need to work at it. It is not such an easy skill to acquire for many people.

Understand how fabrics move, wrap, breathe, react when worn, etc. Your in-depth knowledge of fabric is absolutely essential to use it correctly when designing. Also, you should learn where to get the materials from.

Learn from existing designers, not just who they are, but their backgrounds, their signature style, what apprenticeships they undertook, and where they studied. Knowing this will help you be a better designer as you can follow in their footsteps.

Learn how to create storyboards and product ranges. Get good at researching trends and finding inspiration on social media, comparison shopping, and trade shows.

Start developing these skills at a young age (as early as high school). Prepare to spend hours of time perfecting your craft. A little bit each day will gain you a deep understanding of fashion in the long run if you plan to pursue a career.

Study a career in fashion design

If you don’t want to work in the fashion industry, but rather become the driving force behind it, then you have to start with the basics. Doing undergraduate studies in fashion design will help you understand everything about the history of fashion design, manipulating textiles, drawing clothes, fashion events, or managing a fashion house.

In addition to learning practical skills like these, you’ll also be working with industry professionals who can serve as important contacts in the future. They will give you first-hand advice and feedback on your work.

Polish your skills with hands-on experience

In order to hone the skills necessary to execute a design from idea to finished product, students need to practice outside of the classroom. This hands-on learning can be achieved by participating in an internship program with a design company, clothing manufacturer, or personal stylist. Additionally, students can gain experience by volunteering for a fashion house.

Learn the business of fashion

Behind the creative flair of the fashion industry is the business acumen required to keep a business running. In addition to learning the creative side of the field, students must also become familiar with what goes on behind the scenes. We refer to finances, sales and marketing, especially if you want to have your own fashion business.

Create a portfolio

In order for future fashion designers to showcase their talents to potential employers, they need to create a portfolio demonstrating their creative skills and sensibilities. Students can fill their portfolios with work they’ve done during their degree program, so it’s important to treat each assignment as if you’re showing off your work to a future boss.

Portfolios allow people to showcase a range of skills, such as drawing, sewing, and pattern making.

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