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How to dress well: fashion tips that never fail

In the world of fashion, we can apply all the advice that we can think of. These are little tricks or tips that if we apply them we will favor our daily outfits.

How to dress well. These three words together may be one of the greatest challenges that exist. Dress well. According to whom? Following what style? Dressing well is not a mathematical or chemical formula, dressing well is almost a feeling and emotion. Because what for some is to dress well, maybe for others to dress boring or excessive, or too masculine, or too feminine.

Improve our looks with these fashion tips

Improve your fashion thoughts

Next, I am going to give you 10 fashion tips that have personally helped me a lot in most of my outfits and I am sure they will also help you in all your looks.

Colors Matter!

The intensity of the colors and also their tone can add volume or reduce it. This is something we have known forever. But, we not only have to apply it to our clothes. Our hair or the intensity of the makeup we wear also influences us.

Therefore, we must take a look at all the colors of our look to create complete harmony.

Watch Out For The Stripes

A few weeks ago I made a whole post to focus on what kind of garments and prints add more or less volume. But we can simplify it into one sentence. Everything horizontal will add volume, while vertical stripes will stylize our figure.

Keep in mind that the thickness of the stripes also influences this visual effect.

Do Skirts Stylize Our Legs?

If we want our legs to look longer we will have to do two things if we wear a skirt. On the one hand, it is to use beautiful heels, platforms, or wedges. The other is that the shorter the skirt, the more we will show the legs and the longer they will seem.

This obviously applies to all bottoms such as a wonderful dress.

V Necklines

One of my favorite necklines is the V-neckline. This has many advantages since it will visually stylize our neck and our figure. It will make us look slimmer.

What do you think of this type of neckline?

Increase Volume

If our goal is to add volume to our figure, there are many small fashion tips that we can apply. But the easiest and best result is to add volume.

An example is using ruffles, necklaces, or studs. We can apply these in the chest area.

But, what happens if we want to apply volume to the buttocks? It is basically the same, but in this case, we will add volume with capri pants (pants with pockets). Especially if they have pockets in the back.

Turtlenecks And Our Hairstyle

Many of us at certain times of the year like to wear high necks or halter necklines. An ideal way to combine them is with our hairstyle.

What feels best with this type of clothing is collected or bows, but these are high. This will make this type of neck look good. The result is always perfect.

Do You Like Patterns?

The prints bring life, personality, and that touch that we like so much for summer. But, we must bear in mind that these will add volume or subtract it depending on the type of print that we wear.

An example is those garments that have large prints and are very colorful. These provide volume given their characteristics. Well, with small and faintly colored prints, the opposite will happen.

How To Make Your Fingers Look Slimmer

If we have wide fingers or we want them to look longer, we have it easy as long as we don’t bite our nails.

And it is that long nails will achieve this end without giving us any kind of effort. To enhance and emphasize this, you can file them into a U or V shape.

Workshop Look

Heels are not always the only solution to appear taller, and we have already seen this in another tip in previous paragraphs. Now I bring you another for the same purpose. I’m talking about the pointed shoes at the front. These will make us look taller and our legs look slimmer.

Reduce Or Increase Volume On Our Shoulders

We have left for the end a puzzle for many girls. This is like adding or reducing volume on the shoulders. But the reality of this is very simple since to add volume in this area we will bet on open and horizontal necklines or we can also add volume with shoulder pads, studs… Whatever comes to mind.

On the other hand, if we want to reduce the volume of our shoulders, we will have to use V-necks and avoid very colorful volumes and tones.

Well, these have been the 10 fashion tips on fashion that I wanted to bring you today. I hope that the post has not made you too heavy and that, above all, it has helped you with at least some advice that I have brought you today.

To finish, I leave you with some posts that I have made previously and that I am sure you may be interested in.

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