How to wear striped shirt?

Striped shirts are one of the garments that generate the most mixed feelings: either you love them or hate them, but the middle ground does not exist. This piece takes us to the extreme of passions because of the perception of the proportion that they contribute to your figure and because of the supposed limit of possibilities for its reinvention. You start to see this garment in grayscale. How to wear striped shirt? Here, we leave you 10 ways to combine it.

How to wear striped shirt?

Striped shirt for a vintage look

If your mother’s memories you got a shirt with vertical stripes and earth colors in the trunk of your mother’s memories do not hesitate and put it on. The big trendsetting clothing chains have put them back on sale as a nod to hippie fashion.

That selection of tones, the fact that the stripes are vertical and even that type of synthetic textile create the perfect atmosphere of a vintage-hipster outfit. If you also add high-cut pants in a neutral color, you will look very stylish and elegant for a day at the office.

Striped shirt for an urban and chic look

The fact that summer is coming does not mean that your work commitments are suspended or that you should always be in a dress or shorts. A vertically striped linen shirt and white trousers can make you look suitable for both work and an afternoon outing. The extra ease that this look offers is that if you wear it with heels, it gives you a professional air, while if you wear low shoes, you look urban and chic at the same time.

Striped shirt for a short look

Nobody said that as a rule. All shirts are long sleeves. Sometimes we forget that there are also short-sleeved shirts and those with a striped print are no exception. Although they are less common, you can use them for informal occasions and summer times. If you combine your striped shirt with denim shorts, you have a perfect look for a day of shopping with friends or to go to the beach. Both short garments will make you look cool and casual.

Striped shirt for a smart and casual look

Of the striped shirts with which we are most familiar, those who’s print is thin and blue and white. They are a classic in the business world. Any girl who wants to look elegant by betting on a safe piece can go for this garment since it is in the imagination of what is politically correct for a working girl. What will set the trend of the look will be the accessories. With some navy blue skinny pants, heels and suspenders, you will leave the paradigm and you will look sexy, bold and elegant.

Striped shirt for a sexy urban look

Almost any outfit that contains a jean in the formula can be said to be casual. Now, if that look includes a neglected shirt, there is no longer the slightest doubt: we are in the presence of an urban and sexy combination. A striped shirt worn not in the traditional structured way but as an asymmetrical garment gives it an unexpected twist since the essence of formality remains but intervened by a daring gesture. Then: a striped shirt with the collar brought to the side to show one of the shoulders and jean is another of your possibilities to look sensual.

Striped shirt for a comfortable yet chic look

Another possibility for a work look that stands the test of time is the black and white floaty striped shirts. This combination refuses to disappear because the company of good dress pants makes women look chic, stylish, and with an air of rest. If you wear the shirt inside and add some heels, you will be able to look sophisticated without incorporating more accessories.

Striped shirt for a 3/4 look

There is also a horizontal version of that thin vertical striped shirt that is just as elegant, although less common and thicker stripes. You can combine it with a 3/4 unicolor skirt by transitioning between one garment and another through a thick belt. The sleeves of the shirt should also be worn at 3/4 height. The skirt can be the same shade of the predominant color of the stripes, while the shoes and belt should complement the look and match each other.

Striped shirt for a working girl look

Of course, you cannot miss a potential work look without a blazer. If your striped shirt is one of those super classics, you can play with a jacket in a complementary color but add some fun to the outfit. That blue and white striped shirt with a jean has the potential to look different if you wear it with a soft pastel pink blazer. You can also pull up the sleeves (just as you would with the shirt alone) of both garments to raise the tone to the casual. The heels and the hat are a distinctive plus.

Striped shirt for a total summer look

Like the rest of the shirts, an oversized striped shirt can also be worn as a shirt dress. If you add a thin belt at the waist, you will automatically have turned that striped shirt into a very subtle summer garment with a minimum of effort. BEWARE should always ensure that the length is accurate: short enough to be sexy but not bordering on the vulgar.

Striped shirt for a super-hot look

If you are already tired of wearing the striped shirt as “God commands,” then this look is for you. There are ways and means to look sensual, but like these few and the key is irreverence. It is an irreverent outfit not because it suggests that you tie your striped shirt at waist level but because it requires you to unbutton it in a pronounced way.

The logic is that instead of wearing it as an ordinary overshirt, it gives the impression that you are flirting with a plunging neckline that shows a shirtless very similar to fine lingerie.

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