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What is the best fashion catwalk?

The world of fashion is vast, and on the catwalk, designers show their creativity with incredible outfits. People with a passion for fashion dream of presiding over big shows. It is important to know which ones are the most typical. That is why below, we will show you which are the best fashion catwalks. Can you come with us?

What is a catwalk?

Is there a difference between catwalk and parade?  The truth is that yes, although both concepts are given the same meaning. Literally speaking, the show is the fashion event itself, where fashion designs are displayed before an audience. The catwalk, on the other hand, is the elongated and elevated stage typical of parades. The models pass through that surface and the event sample is made. However, on a social level, the catwalk is related to a fashion event and this does not pose any kind of problem.

A catwalk consists of a dark stage, illuminated with spotlights, inside a large hall, located in a great city par excellence. Surely Milan, Madrid, New York … Although they are not the only ones. On many occasions, designers have chosen more creative spaces, which are mythical or very notorious places to display their collections. Fendi, the Italian fashion brand, presented the autumn-winter 2017 collection on the Great Wall of China. This parade involved an outlay of more than 10 million euros.

From catwalk to catwalk

Some of them are in the best-known cities in Europe and the United States; others in exotic environments such as jungles, deserts, or beaches. Next, you will see some of the most famous catwalks around the world, catwalks where renowned designers go to present their infinite collections.

Fashion week

The  Fashion Week and  Fashion Week is a fashion fair that takes place in the most famous cities in the world. There are four of them that are the most popular. The event is held annually,  from January to March, and designers show their autumn-winter and spring-summer collections.  This catwalk has a place in advance of the beginning of the season, so that designers can offer a sample of their creations and, in the same way, merchants can get the necessary materials to put them on the market.

All kinds of professionals related to the world of fashion make an appearance at Fashion Week. From designers, celebrities, and influencers,  to editors of fashion magazines and all kinds of media.  In addition, this gala includes shows, live music, or solidarity events.

The Fashion Week journey begins at  New York Fashion Week,  followed by  London Fashion Week,  Milan Fashion Week, where the men’s collection is unveiled, and, finally,  Paris Fashion Week. Currently, cities like Madrid and Tokyo and countries like India also commemorate their own fashion week.

The most bizarre catwalks

bizarre fashion catwalk

Karl Lagerfeld,  the hugely popular Chanel and  Fendi designer who died in February 2019, was one of the greatest pioneers of the imagination in runway shows.

Once he wanted to organize a high-altitude parade. And so much height. The catwalk took place in a   one hundred percent equipped plane as if it were about to take off. The glass ceiling offered a false vision of clouds, creating a fantastic and stylish environment. Apocalyptic theaters and exotic restaurants are other places where the designer wanted to present his compilations. Spaces that invite you to dream and create and that give the opportunity to establish a perfect harmony between clothing and the horizon.

As if this were not enough, Lagerfeld turned a  supermarket,  with its shopping carts and its items marked with the double C, into an unbeatable fashion catwalk.

For the 90th anniversary of his signing, the designer carried out the restoration of  La Fontana di Trevi, in Rome, and put a transparent fashion catwalk under the gaze of Neptune, where his models would pass at the commemoration event.

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