Dressing well in winter

How to dressing well in winter: a practical guide

If you also have trouble dressing well when it’s cold outside and the heaters are at Caribbean temperatures, these are the tricks of the most stylish men in the world to always look impeccable.

When winter arrives, temperatures drop; therefore, it is colder, although that is only on the street because when you go through the doors of any building it is summer again due to the heat of the heating. This leads us to ask ourselves: do I dress for the street or do I dress to be indoors?

In this case, the trick to answering this question lies in layering or wearing light layers. This will allow us to wear more layers outside so as not to get cold and take them off without any problem inside, thus avoiding heat problems. But how do you not look like an onion with so many layers and still be able to move with so many clothes? Here are three infallible looks to dress in layers and always look good.

Formal Layered Look

Dressing well when it's cold

In offices with a stricter dress code or on more formal occasions, we will need to wear a suit, also in winter. Start with a simple two-piece combined with a shirt (the base layer) and a tie (closing the collar will give us an extra point of protection against the cold). Opting for a three-piece (with a vest between the jacket and the shirt) is also a good option. Keep in mind that being close to the body will provide us with heat but also more rigidity.

From here, you can put on the suit one of the star garments of winter: the light padded vest. Wearing it over the jacket and not under it –as we usually see it– will allow us to easily remove it when entering any place without having to get rid of the jacket to remove the vest.

Casual Layered Look

Our starting point will be a basic t-shirt, the essential garment of the casual wardrobe. Preferably white, a white canvas is the most versatile of all. It may or may not be thermal.

Over it, throw a shirt. Remember that the t-shirt + shirt combo is one of the mixtures that have become essential in recent years, either with a closed shirt or open as an overshirt. It’s exactly the look your cool buddy has been wearing since he was 15 and, because of its simplicity, it’s still in style.

The next layer will be a crew neck jumper or sweatshirt – with or without a hood. If you mix the latter with suit trousers, as athleisure taught us to do (that aesthetic that combines sporty pieces with other more formal ones), you will get the smart casual uniform worn by the most stylish men in the world.

Finish with your favorite jacket or coat. If you need an extra layer of warmth, you can add the quilted vest to the look, which you can wear both under the last layer and on top of it in a streetwear key.

Trendy Layered Look

You may have seen the third combination on countless catwalks. Raf Simons popularized it again in the mid-2010s during his time at Calvin Klein (although it has clear references to the 70s) and since then it has become a look associated with those who know more about fashion.

Start with a turtleneck sweater or t-shirt. Over it add a shirt with a couple of open buttons to show the bottom layer. To finish, you just have to choose the jacket or coat that you like the most.

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