Summer style guide

How to dress in summer: a style guide for stylish men

In the summer months, achieving a suitable look without suffering the ravages of the heat is an almost impossible mission until today, when we have solved your summer style guide with various tips and tricks.

The temperatures touch 40 degrees and your mobile does not stop ringing to close plans with friends. Getaways to disconnect, or some other pending appointment during confinement. The heat does not stop your desire for leisure. But it does make you doubt how you should dress to comply with “etiquette” but without dying (of heat) in the attempt. As the task is complicated, we wanted to answer your style dilemmas this season. Do you need help with how to dress for a special occasion? Do you want to know what is the perfect garment to go out this season? We easily solve all men’s style problems by answering the most frequently asked style questions in summer. Take our word for it and when you have finished reading these lines. You will know how to dress well even if the temperatures make it difficult for you.

If I Don’t Like “Fancy” Sneakers, What Are The Shoe Options For Dining Out And Wearing Shorts?

Style guide for stylish men

Do not complicate yourself with summer footwear because the answer is simple. Some are moccasins or boat shoes, depending on the environment. They are a more than viable option. Something comfortable and light that looks polished enough for an elegant dinner, but without giving up the freshness that summer demands and complementary to the relaxed style of shorts.

Can A Long-Sleeved Shirt Be Worn With Shorts?

Of course, it is! What’s more, this combination will save you from many stylistic dilemmas. The key is not to wear a suit shirt: look for light, casual shirts in fabrics like linen, washed cotton oxfords, knits, or poplin. This gives your look a more relaxed vibe, and of course, it pairs well with even the less formal shorts you have on. You even have the option of wearing it open with a t-shirt underneath, as there are plenty of shirts today that are just the right length to wear unbuttoned. It is another option to consider if you live in a place where you can afford to wear two layers and not be too hot.

I Need New Clothes For A Night Out, Dinner Or Party But I’m On A Budget. What Basic Garment Will Save Me?

A polo shirt in a dark color like navy blue can be the most versatile option you have in your wardrobe whether you are going to work, or enjoying the weekend or leisurely nights. This garment never fails if you combine it with jeans, beige chinos, or create a mono color look by opting for navy blue also below. Plus, you can wear your polo shirt under a suit for last-minute formal occasions. We recommend you go for a good quality one, even if you have to increase your budget a bit so that it is a safe fit bet and, in the long run, more durable.

My White Sneakers Are Quite Dirty After All These Months And I Want To Wear Them In The Summer. What Should I Do To Clean Them? Or Should I Write Them Off?

White sneakers look great with any outfit, so taking advantage of the sale to get yourself a new pair is not a bad idea, but there is no need to throw yours away because they have a stain. There is a solution for this: you can choose to clean them (a viable option if the fabric allows it) with one of the shoe cleaning kits that you will find in any shoe store. These easy-to-use kits come with everything you need and are best suited for keeping your shoes pristine.

I Am Going To A Relatively Casual Summer Wedding, What Should I Wear?

Stick to the simple formula and wear a suit. Buy a cotton summer one and combine it with a basic white shirt or a polo shirt. If you dare, opt for a suit in a light color like beige, achieving that summer effect that you can round off with slip-on moccasins or more formal sneakers that give a casual touch.

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