What to wear with silver shoes?

The silver shoes are the new trend in recent months, thanks mainly to VIPs such as Rihanna and Chiara Ferragni that feature juxtaposed to put interesting. However, it must be said that it is one thing to see them worn by famous people where the look is studied in detail, another is to put them at your feet. The original metallic texture, frequently glittering, appears difficult to wear during the day. Precisely for this reason, we want to give you some simple but valid advice on what to wear with silver shoes. Enjoy the reading!

What to wear with silver shoes?

Low heel

If you plan to wear low-heeled silver shoes, you’ll find them in both the luxury and budget lines. This type of shoes is suitable for more casual occasions, with light denim garments, white trousers, black culottes, dark green, or midnight blue.

High heel

The silver high-heeled shoes are perfect to be combined with white or black sheath dresses, two colors that go very well with silver. Remarkable is the combination of palazzo trousers and ankle-length dresses. They are also suitable for important occasions, such as ceremonies, combining them with blue dresses and suits with black trousers. In this case, take care to combine them with bags and bijoux in the same color.


Metallic sneakers are suitable for a very chic and jaunty look. There are many glittery and sequin-covered types, particularly suitable under black and gray trousers. Simultaneously, the models without decorations should be worn with jeans, especially in the skinny shapes that are tighter around the ankle. In summer, you can also combine metallic sneakers with denim skirts or shorts.


The silver sandals are ideal, especially in the summer season, under elegant but also casual dresses. The important thing will be to pay attention to the length of the dress, which should never be above the knee. They are shoes that look good both with bolder colors, such as blue, burgundy or magenta and with all pastel shades.

Ankle boots

For the more enterprising, silver ankle boots are also available. They are indicated to be worn under multicolor and geometric printed dresses like those in vogue in the 60s. Take care to complete the look with gray/silver accessories for a sober result.


The silver tube boots are destined for true fashion freaks. If you love to add a little robot effect to your outfit, then they are ideal. A long dress, perhaps in shades of gray, will be perfect. The bag, belt and bijoux must be strictly black. Don’t forget to wear nail polish with silver shoes, especially in the case of very open and high sandals.

Look with blazer

Some colors are easier to combine and silver is one of them. He wears this color in a blazer with a white t-shirt underneath, jeans and silver-colored high pointy shoes. Don’t forget the accessories, so wear them in metal color.

If your hair is straight, you do not need to dry or iron it. Leave it that way. Use light makeup without forgetting the pastel tone on your lips. This is a great look for going to the office or attending an important meeting.

Look in white pants

White with silver is an amazing combination. Many girls like it. What do you think if the white and silver we include another blue garment with details of various colors? That is precisely the look we propose.

She wears a light blue sweater with navy, fuchsia and apple green details with white pants and silver flats. You will love this outfit! Accompany with a light blue wallet, silver accessories and simple makeup. Let go of your hair.

Look with the blue sweater

A navy blue sweater is another garment that many girls do not lack, especially those who love to dress well. Opt for a sweater in this color with tube-cut pants that you can easily turn into a Capri if you roll up the sleeves. Wear this look with silver shoes.

If it is your preference under the sweater, it is valid that you wear a long-sleeved plaid shirt. Reinforce this look with a watch and black glasses. Remember that hair says a lot about you, so always fix it. You’ll love it!

Look with blazer

A blazer should not always be in the colors we already know. For example, you can wear green with a white t-shirt underneath, tube cut jeans and silver shoes. She also has a silver wallet and accessories that are the same color.

Make up simple without forgetting that your lips are the center of attention, so wear red lipstick. Red with green looks perfect. If it is daytime, you can wear sunglasses. Wear your hair neat. That will make a difference.

Look with white flannel

We all have one in our closets. We are talking about the white t-shirt that – combined with a black blazer. Tube cut jeans and silver shoes – is a look that looks perfect. Also, remember that high-soled shoes are worn a lot, which is in our favor.

She wears this outfit with a silver necklace. Take the opportunity to paint your nails red. Makeup well and don’t forget pastel lipstick. This is the age of waves, so go back to doing them in your hair.

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