How to wear brown shoes?

There are garments that are a basic in every woman’s wardrobe, such is the case of brown shoes that can be worn with almost all colors. We are not only referring to pants, shorts or skirts, as these also look perfect with dresses. Would you like to know how to wear brown shoes? Jackets, T-shirts, blouses, scarves and a blazer are some options. We tell you all about these look ideas designed for you:

How to wear brown shoes?

Look with jeans

With endless garments they go well, but there is a look that is not to be missed: brown shoes with jeans, those that we always love to wear. Accompanies with brown leather strap and white t-shirt. The best thing you can do is wear it inside the jean.

Some sunglasses can accompany this look to make it much more striking. Wear light makeup, not forgetting that your lips are an important point on your face. Go for a pastel color. Leave hair down.

Look with blazer

We are still in the trend of jeans, so we recommend a look very similar to the previous one but this time with a jacket. Wear your brown suede shoes, which have a style very similar to ankle boots, with a checked shirt inside.

On top, wear a brown jacket that matches your shoes. Paint your nails white. Do not forget the makeup, mark your lips well. In your hair you can wear waves. You don’t need to go to the salon, learn how to do it with YouTube tutorials.

Turtleneck look

The moment of the swan neck has arrived, the one that is perfect for many women, especially those who do not stop to think about the seasons. Wear it with brown Cuban-heeled shoes that have the same shade as the sweater.

A black pants will perfectly accompany these garments. Wear the same color as the sweater on your nails and lips. A watch will not be other. The hair can be worn natural or with waves, these dress a little more. This outfit is ideal for a day at the office.

Look with denim

Denim never goes out of style that is why having garments like a denim shirt or pants is essential. If you are ready to go for a coffee, then we suggest you wear flat brown shoes with denim pants and gray turtleneck sweater.

It has a strap of the same color as the shoes, this will be visible since the sweater goes inside the pants, which is a high waist model. A brown strap watch will go perfectly with this outfit. Leave your hair down. Make up simple and paint your lips in a pastel color.

Look with jacket

There are different shades of brown and the dark is one of the most worn. Make sure that

The jacket that has the same color so that you can combine everything perfectly. Wear high-waisted tube-cut jeans. He wears a beige belt and a gray sweater.

Wear the sweater inside the pants so that your figure looks great. Make a simple bun, use a ponytail that matches what you are wearing. Use full makeup, on your eyes. Do not forget that wearing a jacket will make you look very well dressed.

Look with colored sweater

Brown shoes always look perfect with jeans, especially when you pair it with a colored sweater that includes brown. Since you don’t need to carry a purse all the time, it was time to carry a brown purse. These look very youthful.

As you have a sweater, you can do without the accessories, since they will not be seen. What if you cannot stop using are the earrings, so make sure to use ones that are long. Accompany with simple makeup, paint your lips in a pastel color.

Look with flared blouse

Opt for a flared brown blouse with flats that are the same color. Accompany with a high waist jeans. We are still in the trend of bags, so use a brown one too. Paint your nails and put on those dark glasses that you like so much.

Waves in hair are trending. If you do not know how to do them you can look for tutorials, you will see that it is very easy. In contrast to loose hair, waves dress much more. Take advantage of this moment and take them everywhere, as long as it goes well with the look.

Look with military jacket

Who doesn’t love olive green? This color in a military jacket looks really beautiful and more if the one who wears it is a woman. We historically associate the military area with men, so you will look super sexy if you wear an army green jacket. Dare to look different!

Accompany this look with military flannel and black jumpsuit adjusted to your legs. We have already talked about the role that shoes play, so do not forget to wear these garments with ones that are brown and totally flat. Wear gray balaclava. You will look beautiful from head to toe.

Look with white blouse

Having a white t-shirt is a staple for most women. If you have one, then take the opportunity to wear it with brown shoes, high-waisted tube-cut pants and olive green sweater. The brown with olive green looks really gorgeous. Go for a coffee with this look.

Take a brown wallet, it does not have to be the same color as the shoes. Play with the tones: use a lighter one for the shoes and a darker one for the purse. It is not necessary that you accompany with accessories. Wear dark glasses. Make up simple and wear lipstick that is not so opaque.

Look with green pants

The colored pants are much worn. Learn to combine them with the most varied garments. A look that is used for many occasions is green pants with brown high-heeled shoes. Wear it with a jacket in the same color as the shoes and wear a white undershirt.

You can accompany with a wallet that is another shade of brown combined with black. Make up very well without missing any detail such as the brown color on your lips. Learn to make waves in your hair and wear them with looks like this one.

Many times the shoes become the protagonists of your look, no matter how spectacular the dress you wear. The reason is because shoes are an important part of our outfit. Knowing how to choose between models and colors is a challenge.

That happens with brown shoes that are a classic, there is no one who can resist some that are high or flat. So we recommend you take your time to choose the one that best suits your style and the occasion. If you have brown ones in your wardrobe, we assure you that you will get the best out of it.

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