Fashion mistakes to avoid while matching clothes

How many of you, especially you women, happened to want that fantastic pair of shoes noticed in a shop window or that trendy bag and, after so much craving, you managed to buy it? However, after the initial joy, did you realize that the match you thought of turned out to be a failure? It is easy to imagine the disappointment, especially if that dress or accessory you purchased cost a significant amount. Here, this guide is aimed at all of you, trying to give you the guidelines necessary to avoid repeating a mistake in terms of combinations. Specifically, we will analyze the mistakes to avoid in the most common combinations, hoping to make your desire for shopping even more pleasant and profitable.

Common fashion mistakes in matching

Style of look

One of the most common mistakes that can be made is to get the style of the look wrong. For example, wearing a purely evening dress during the day. In particular, day clothes must be practical and above all comfortable, except those purely for work. Avoid sequins and sequins. For evening dresses, on the other hand, it is better to opt for refined garments in preferably dark colors and few accessories. One of the most frequent mistakes is weddings: never wear a white dress, unless you are the bride! Other colors to avoid at a wedding are black and red.

Wrong size

Another very common mistake is to wear clothes that are not the right size for our measurement. It happens very frequently, especially for those who want to appear thinner. In this regard, avoid wearing leggings or skinny jeans when our shapes end up being penalizing. In fact, in addition to making you not very fashionable, you will also be dressed inappropriately. On the contrary, dressing in a larger size than yours will give you the impression of being careless and older.

Necklines and skirts

It often happens to see women with very deep necklines or excessively short skirts: the least suitable to wear, better to leave them to the stars who walk on red carpets or the catwalk. Even with less skin on display, you will still be able to be seductive and feminine. In this case, therefore, the watchword is “avoid excesses.”

Leggings like pants

Raise your hand if you have not seen around a girl wearing leggings as if they were pants. This is a mistake that must absolutely be avoided. The leggings are to be considered socks. The only exception in which you can wear them like pants are, for example, if you are going to yoga, or in any case to the gym.

Disproportionate accessories

Accessories are very important, and as such, they must be worn and chosen correctly based on what you are wearing. It often happens to see earrings that are too large or necklaces that are too eccentric. The same goes for hats and scarves that are too large or extravagant. So, if you don’t want to risk making mistakes, go for a play of colors, but never go overboard with the size.

Age-appropriate garments

Certainly, it will have happened to you at least once in your life to meet a lady of a certain age who thinks she looks younger by wearing clothing suitable for a thirty-year-old girl. Here, better let it go. Dressing in this way will do nothing but tear a smile from those who meet you, without however making you appear younger than you are in the eyes them. On the other hand, if you are very young, it is not advisable to wear retro clothes. You will only get to look older than you really are.

Before buying an item of clothing, imagine how you might wear it.

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