hair straightener even in summer

Tips on how to use a hair straightener even in summer

Thanks to new technologies and recent innovations, taking care of your beauty is no longer a chore or a commitment. Being beautiful becomes a simple and fun game, in which women’s allies are creams, lipsticks, nail polishes, but also brushes, hairdryers, and hair straighteners. Hair is in fact the main seduction tool for a woman, who feels truly charming and self-confident only if she has well-groomed hair.

To have a flawless hair look it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser, just have professional tools that simplify and speed up the work. Hair straighteners are indispensable for making everyone and women.

How to use the straightener correctly in the summer

Summer is perhaps the most beautiful season of the year, the one in which we go on vacation, have fun, and rest, but it is also the one in which our hair is subjected to greater damage and stress: sun, saltwater, and chlorine can make them brittle and dry. Many women think that using the straightener in the summer can damage their hair even more, so they decide not to use it. Nothing more wrong. The straightener in the summer can be used, indeed use a professional model, such as the GHD straightener, it will not damage the hair but will make it healthy and shiny. Follow these little tricks and you too realize it

– Dry your hair well before using the straightener, because the heat on damp hair is dangerous.

– Apply moisturizing masks and plumping oils, especially on the lengths and ends.

– Spray a heat protection spray on the individual strands to protect them from the heat of the plate.

– Choose the right temperature for your hair type. It is not recommended to pass the straightener at excessively high temperatures on fine and brittle hair.

– Clean the plate with a damp cloth as often as possible.

Hair straightener in summer: 3 folds “do it yourself”

If you want to have a sparkling and cheerful look, the straightener will be your main ally even in summer, because it will help you to create simple but very beautiful “do-it-yourself” folds, that all your friends will envy. As you know, it is hot in summer and being close to a heat source for a long time becomes unbearable. This is why we want to offer you 3 folds that require the use of the plate only for a few minutes.

1- Flat waves

Divide the hair into 3-4 sections and make classic braids, on which you will pass, by dabbing, a hot plate, preferably flat and not excessively wide. Once cooled, loosen the braids and you will have some beautiful flat waves. If you want very tight waves, just do more braids.

2- Soft waves

Typically summer, they are the ones that give a natural look to your hair, to seem even dried in the wind. Making these waves with the straightener is very simple: pass large locks into the straightener with a twisting motion starting from the middle length.

3- Retro waves

Despite being a complex method, it is the only one able to guarantee a perfect result. Take small strands of hair and roll them up to the root, pass a hot plate over them for a few seconds and attach them to the head using bobby pins. After a few minutes, undo the locks and you will have curly waves.

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