combine a black shrug

How to combine a black shrug?

There are garments that never go out of fashion and adapt just in case. In this regard, a very simple shrug can become the undisputed protagonist of an elegant and sophisticated look, using really simple combinations of clothes.

The shrug can be combined with any type of clothing. Therefore we always tend to choose the color we like. In this case, black, a color that never goes out of fashion and that is easier to combine with elegance and imagination than many other shades.

Complete the look from the more classic versions or the sport-chic style. The black shrug adapts perfectly to different everyday occasions, but it turns out to be a very comfortable garment also for going to work. In the following guide, I will give you some ideas and suggestions on how to combine a black shrug.

How to combine a black shrug?

You will need:

  • First pairing: elegant little black dress, shrug, black shoes, and pearl necklace.
  • Second combination: black shrug, military green top, and jeans
  • Third combination: black shrug, pearl gray sweater, and classic trousers

Match the clothes of different colors to the black shrug

The black shrug must be combined with colors that make the garment stand out in a particular way. To obtain this combination, it is advisable to create contrasts, combining garments of different and possibly light colors, before wearing them. Matching color is a situation that expresses taste and harmony. So the combination of the black shrug must help to communicate a certain image to the type of clothing you choose. By highlighting and playing with fabrics and colors.

One of the most classic combinations is that of a black shrug and a sheath dress of the same color. However, the latter can be both short and long. To break up and brighten the face, then wear an ivory pearl necklace. To conclude, strictly black shoes and bags. You will look a bit dark but undoubtedly very elegant.

Green top combined with a black shrug

Impossible to resist these two colors that come together! In fact, a beautiful black shrug can frame a military green top with a V-neckline. Combining it with light-colored stretch jeans. For this occasion, simple and black accessories should be chosen. So much so that the youthful spirit is emphasized and enhanced by the chosen shade of the combination with sports-inspired garments. If you prefer to wear a blue top, you can combine it with classic-cut trousers. Then wear ballet flats with a scalloped edge.

Fabrics of different colors combined with the black shrug

In addition, to match a black shrug you can play with fabrics and colors. For example, combining a white t-shirt and black pants. While to go to work you can combine a casual version. Combining the black shrug with a pearl gray sweater with a round neckline. To complete this look, you can wear black trousers with a classic cut. As for accessories, a shoulder bag and vintage shoes with an ankle strap are perfect. Obviously, with a block heel and round toe!

It is also possible to combine the black shrug with a light-colored bodycon dress decorated with black flowers, creating a very elegant game of contrasts. This can be combined with a pair of black heeled sandals, which give a slender, elegant shape and a finely refined look.

In short, the combinations to create an elegant look with a shrug are many. You just have to indulge yourself and give vent to your imagination and your personal taste. To have a perfect match, it is possible to use tops of various colors.

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